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Shearing – Sawing - Drill Line

We offer our shearing, sawing and drilling services for the following metals, plastics and other various items.

Acrylic · Colbalt · Exotic Alloy · Glass · Neoprene · Silicone · Aluminum · Composites · Felt · Granite · Natural Stone · Steel · Brass · Copper · Fiberglass · Iron · Phenolic · Tile · Bronze · Corian · Foam · Manganese · Plastics · Urethane · Ceramic · Cultured Stone · Formica · Marble · Rubber · Wood

Shearing Capabilities:

  • Total of 19 Units

  • Hydraulic shears provide power and high value for low-cost, dependable shearing, squaring and cutting short-run or high-volume metal blanks.
  • Ability to process the toughest plate shearing challenges – up to 1″ mild steel plate – with knife length from 4′ through 20′.
  • Our shears has a programmable back gauge which allows shearing of stock to accurate sizes, whether one piece is required, or many pieces of the same size are required.
  • All shears are CNC controlled

Saw Cutting Capabilities:

  • Total of 8 Units

  • Capacity up to 16” round.
  • Controlled by NC controller for auto-feed and accuracy of part.
  • Vertical and Horizontal band saws, with automatic feeds
  • Feeds up to 40’ material
  • Power feed conveyor
  • CNC Controlled
  • Chamfer and beveled cuts

Drill Line Capabilities:

  • Total of 4 Units

  • Hole accuracy regardless of part length
  • Repeatability
  • Offline programming
  • Increased productivity with automated processes
  • Lower cost compared to manual drilling
  • Reduced lead times

Our drilling services offer the accuracy and productivity our clients across various industries require.  Whether your project is a few parts or hundreds of tons of structural steel, our CNC drill line provides the accuracy and repeatability needed to ensure easy post process fit up and fabricating.  By eliminating the manual layout of holes, we’re able to reduce errors while increasing productivity, resulting in superior products at lower costs and reduced lead times.